Sunday, April 11, 2010

Voices in Cloth: Final Day

This is the show floor as we walked in this afternoon. I was concerned that with the torrential rains we experienced while driving in to Oakland, that attendance would be down.

The vendors were along the perimeter and there were some exceptional offerings.

I took some pictures of the quilts of some of my friends.

This is Bev Glick's wonderful New York Beauty.

Chris Smith at Reap As You Sew showed two quilts. This is Bring on the Endorphins. She wrote about here it on her blog.

She also showed It's Easy Being Green. You can read that interesting story here.

I took another picture of my friend Candice Abraham's stunning quilt, Lotsa Squares but it turned out all wonky. Her quilt is anything but wonky. Here is someone else admiring her work.

Somehow I again forgot to take a picture of my quilt. I guess I was too excited. Terry Grant was right: people were interested in it. I received so much encouragement.

The last picture I will post is a picture of Linda Weinstein's powerful quilt.

The small town next to ours has a hillside full of crosses commemorating military losses from the war in Iraq. Read more about the Memorial here.

The show closed at 4 PM and by 5:30 nearly all of the vendors were packed up and the quilters were lining up to retrieve their work.

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