Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not Finished But Getting Somewhere

Originally Polka Dot Jersey (now without the polka dots) 9" x 10"

Maillot Jaune.

Maillot Jaune is really the second in the Tour de France series. It is about 17" x 17"
The first, Polka Dot Jersey, I have taken apart and reworked. It just wasn’t working.
Originally, PDJ had less of the dark "border", then an inner border of the "yellow" stripes and a fat outer border of the polka dots. I loooove the polka dots. But I think it was just too, too. So I took it apart and added more dark (actually dark blue) around the piecing, and I'm trying to figure out the borders. I’m having fun here. Still not finished but more than before. I’m thinking about hand quilting... But probably I should just do some ditch stitching and be done. And I am going to go for three and try again for the original border set-up.

Monday, July 25, 2005

New Ways to Avoid Making Art

Quick: Gotta post something before July runs out.

I admit it: I’ve been obsessed with the Tour de France.

I’m getting really nervous because the US Open is coming up. I think I could become a sports tv junkie.

I put the borders on the first quiltlet (Polka Dot Jersey) in what I hope will be a Tour de France series using solids and some crazy polka dot fabric inspired by Sandi Cummings’ Thinking Outside the Block book and her quilt at The Cotton Patch, Using Leftovers.

I feel as if I can’t post any pictures because nothing is finished (or close!). A convenient ruse?

I started this blog in the hopes that it would encourage me to finish things and hopefully get positive feedback. Instead, I just keep starting things and I haven’t been posting because I have nothing to show.

I’ve been thinking about the following quotes:

If you know where it’s going, it’s not worth doing. (Frank Gehry from an article in the New York Times how every movie and rock star wants to be a designer.)

And this from Sandi’s book:
The need to be a great artist makes it hard to be an artist. The need to produce a great work of art makes it hard to produce any art at all. (Julia Cameron)

My goal this week is to finish something, anything, take a picture of it, and post it: throw caution to the winds.