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Process not product

Today I really had to remind myself that this project is about process: the practice of art. I have too much on my plate right now and I've become more analytical about this project.

I am fascinated by how little says so much with line. The eyes bring the stitching to life. If I tell myself that the mouth is an issue, then the mouth becomes an issue.

Dolores asked if I intended to only draw females. It is true that they seem endlessly interesting to me. With women, there are lots of ways to think about hair. And I'm not much interested in facial hair. I continue to do a pencil thumbnail sketch before stitching and I've sketched some interesting males. The pencil seems so much more dynamic: there are variations of thick and thin with so little effort.

I've been looking at photographs in the news and in ads so some of the faces are attached to names but that gives me a headache!


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