Monday, January 04, 2010

Art Every Day - Day 4

No. 4 is done! I keep telling myself that it's just like baking bread: one loaf after another. Yesterday I went to the fabric store and bought some "substrate." I didn't need any fabric but I told myself that this was necessary to make things easier. I had initially thought that I would use my hand-dyes -- neutrals. But that required decisions and I need to have everything ready to go. My practice is to get up and stitch before I do anything else. There seems to be less resistance. For the first four days I used a "sandwich" from another project. It has a fusible stabilizer on the back, batting, and the top is a light batik that I bought for some class. I cut it into roughly 4" squares. Last night I had to make more canvases so I am good to go for 4 more days.

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