Friday, January 01, 2010

2010, Courage, Art Every Day

I've chosen courage as my word for 2010. Christine Kane talks about setting one's intent for the whole year by selecting one word. I intend to post the word in my bathroom and acknowledge my word every day.

Last night I read a post by Kathy from KY on the quiltart listserv that was galvanizing. She described her yearly art resolutions and the satisfaction she has gained from them.

I felt as if she challenged me personally to begin a practice of daily art. I felt very uncomfortable. I could begin an art performance project or I could resort to my usual art cogitation projects. That would take courage. The rules are to: 1) Make your own rule, but write it down on January 1 and follow it; 2) Do it every day; and 3) Document it.

I know that the discipline of doing something every day, no matter what it is, would be good for me, and as Kathy said, would foster creativity. I began this morning but beginning is always easy for me. 364 days to go.


Christine Thresh said...

Are you going to post your art project every day? That should be interesting.
Best wishes.

Deborah said...

Looking forward to seeing your work!

Rayna said...

Bon courage, Joan. You are more ambitious and focused than I am. Look forward to seeing some good things from you!