Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's gonna be a two yolk day

I wasn't going to post anything today because it's Wednesday and my mini-group (a very original name for 10 quilters who have been getting together for years) meets today. We all started out as traditional quilters, hand-quilters, even. We made community quilts as fundraisers for our elementary school. We still hand quilt and eat and support each other. It's mostly group therapy. Today we are meeting at the glorious home of the fabulous Kathy but that's not what I am blogging about today.

I wasn't going to post today because I was going to use any time I had to work on the surprise quilt (more on that later). But I have this e-mail/latte routine and there was a message from the talented and generous quilt artist Sonji. She so kindly sent me gobs of info on how to post pictures. And YIKES she posted a link to my blog and I can't figure out how to reply to the comment that she posted on my blog, etc. But I wanted to say Thank You, Sonji, and if I weren't such an idiot, I would be able to do that thingy where you can click on her name and get to see her art.

Now about the two yolks: I have this other routine. About a year ago I started a diet. I've lost 35 lbs. Most mornings I make a one egg omelet. I have this little 8" teflon pan. I scramble an egg, pour it in the hot pan, and sort of spread it as thin as it will get. I found these fabulous crottins of goat cheese at Trader Joe's--three to a package--individually wrapped, so they keep. And I put on a wee bit of cheese and crumbled applewood smoked bacon bits, etc. Anyway, this morning, one extra large egg, TWO YOLKS. I know that this happens and I know why this happens (I was a biologist in a former life) but it is a first for me!


Karoda said...

See, you are half way to instant fame...I found you from the link at Sonji's space. I can be found at Seamless Skin in the AQ ring.

Debra said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Do I know you? Your name sounds familiar, and you are closeby (I'm up in Hercules)... but I think if I've seen you it would have been at Valley Stitchers.

You will figure out how to do things on the blog. For example... to respond, you can click on each person's BLUE name. That will take you their blog. Then you can click on thier VIEW THE PROFILE.. and usually find their email. It there is an easier way, I haven't found it.

Sonji is BRILLIANT, and I found your blog through hers.

Sonji Hunt said...

Joan, I just click on everything! Then you know where everything goes. I've also deleted and moved more things than I can remember. But, any information I'm giving you about computer stuff has come from the ladies in the ring, like Deborah, Melody, Carol and a bunch of others. We have to pass the knowledge on. I'm glad you think I'm brilliant, though. Did you say that or did I? Hmmm. Doesn't matter. We are all brilliant in one way or another!

Deborah said...

All this computer stuff... whatever! More about goat cheese and bacon, please. Yum!