Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm Back

Sonji says: I should blog. I have been avidly reading her blog and of course Melody’s blog and Gabrielle’s blog, etc. (art quilters, and knitters) and I have not published anything in my own for lo, these many months. Sonji says she blogs because:
It really helps me. I have so much stuff zipping around in my head and most of the people in my life aren't too interested or don't understand what I'm talking about...much as they all love and support me.
(I’m quoting her, from a lovely e-mail of encouragement, that she sent to me. I hope it’s okay.) That was my initial thought when I set up my blog. But it became another "should." I had hoped that it would be my conscience. I had hoped that it would be a place to show my work. I really want to be making art, not becoming a better writer. I want to live up the descriptor: ARTIST.
I know that Melody says that to be an artist, you just have to make art. I make stuff, I just don’t believe it is art. I would like it to be art. I would like to think that it is art. Make something everyday. Make lots of stuff.

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Sonji Hunt said...

Hurrah for you, Joan! Now all you have to do is get some pictures up and blog a wee bit about quilting and then click the "join" link on the artful quilters logo and when Diane admits you...INSTANT FAME!!!

You will get such encouragement and feel a real sisterhood with everyone else who works and struggles and rambles and creates.