Thursday, May 19, 2005

Commercial fabric

I got home from work and left to my own devices, checked out Sonji’s blog. I work in a quilt shop two days a week. One of the reasons I decided to work there was the (probably vain) hope that maybe I would immunize myself against, or silence my obsession with, commercial fabric (really, the discount). You know, kinda like working in a donut shop–you’d get tired of donuts. (My friend Patricia says that it might be possible to deep-fat fry shoe leather and it would taste delicious.) Anyway, there on Sonji’s blog is the most delicious hand-dyed/painted fiber-stuff. Before I got home I was quite satisfied with four little pieces that I had permitted myself to purchase (after being on my feet for 8 hours, I deserved it). I can't wait to see what Sonji does with her stuff. But I do still love commercial fabric. I am truly avoiding the siren call of dyeing or painting.

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Sharon said...

Hi there Joan,
I found your blog through 'Sonji says' - and wow can I relate to your profile... Especially the bit about 'not knowing what you want to do when you grow up'... I tend to think I missed my vocation in life and I should have been some sort of arty type... I fall into your age group and I am a average, but very slow, cross stitcher and a very avid lurker of stitching sites and blogs... I would love to begin quilting but I am afraid that if I cut all that fabric up I could end up with material confetti - mind you that doesn't stop me from collecting patterns and fabric 'just in case' - well, just in case... Keep on with your endeavours and I will 'pop in' from time to time to see how you are going...