Monday, August 29, 2005

More on the Simple Still Life

This is really just an attempt to get two posts in during the month of August. Where did the summer go?

I am so glad that I participated in the Simple Still Life Challenge. I really felt that I had no business starting something new but having the deadline really forced me to work on something. I really loved seeing everyones’ take on the same subject. It was good for me that most of the participants posted at or near the deadline so that I worked without too much influence as to what everyone else was doing.

I also really appreciated that others showed steps in their process. I will do that for the next challenge, if only for my own record.

I did use Photoshop Elements at the outset and it helped me to "see" the subject by eliminating detail. I was amazed at what so many of the others were able to do with Photoshop. And I’m thinking about further exploring what Elements can do. But I’m reminding myself that I want to work in fiber and that this is just one of my tools. It seems formidable to figure out all of that stuff.

Most of all, it was wonderful to receive so many encouraging comments.

Our guild, EBHQ, does not meet in July so tonite seems like the first meeting of the year. Doesn’t it always seem as if the year starts in September, when school starts? Elizabeth Barton is the speaker and I am really looking forward to the meeting.


Sonji Hunt said...

Joan, you must have know that I was going to check on you. YIPPEEE. I'm glad that you are making yourself post.

melloman said...

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