Monday, June 06, 2005

Secret Quilt

I’ve alluded to the secret quilt that has been weighing on my conscience. I’m a member of a mini-group that meets on Wednesdays. There are ten of us. We are beginning to become grandmothers. We’ve made two grandmother quilts and I took on the third one. The grand baby was born last Monday! OOPS! No picture of the quilt yet but soon, maybe. Each of us made a 12-inch pieced block of a child. Very traditional, very cute! I sashed the blocks and straight-line quilted the sashing. I free-motion quilted around the children and I FM’d the border. But I’ve run out of ideas and my FM repertoire is severely limited. I’m still very much a novice machine quilter. I think I volunteered for this because it would force me to get some practice. What really should be done is that the children should be hand quilted but I’m running out of energy and time. And I still need to bind. And did I mention that I’ve managed to take over every room in the house and both boys will be home from school on FRIDAY?

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