Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seasonal Content

More inspiration from the market.

My friends and those who know me from my guild have heard me say that I am great at starting projects but not so great at finishing. I heard AS Byatt speak on Monday night at City Arts and Lectures in San Francisco. When asked if she shared her manuscripts with her sister (Margaret Drabble), she commented that she shows nothing to anyone until it goes to her publisher. I find that if I show a work in progress I'm discouraged if it doesn't receive positive reviews but I also can resist finishing something if it receives "raves" (fear of failing to live up to expectations?).

I am working on two ancient projects and making good progress. Perhaps a sneak preview in a few days?

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Deborah said...

Lovely pumpkins. We went to purchase a couple the other day and they were almost all gone. Looking forward to seeing your sneak preview.