Sunday, August 09, 2009

Julie & Julia: Croutons or Toasts?

I loved the movie. I would see it again. I am not trying to quibble, but this, a crouton (or is it a toast?) is in the book.

This is not.

It looks delicious and you can almost taste it in the movie.
It seems okay to have it in there because Julia did live in the south of France. But it's not in Vol. 1 nor is it in Vol. 2. In fact, neither book has much at all on tomatoes. So if you go to see the movie and it's a matinee, you will be walking out and everyone will be wondering what's for dinner. And somehow boning a duck will not seem very do-able. And that roast chicken looks excellent, too! But...

This seemed much easier. I couldn't resist trying Julia's method. You will need to clarify some butter. Then slice some 1/4-inch thick rounds from a nice rustic loaf of bread. We used a Semifreddi sour batard but a baguette would have been better. Heat the clarified butter and saute the rounds on each side until very lightly browned. Then, to be authentic, just eat it or treat it as a canape and top it with some diced garden tomatoes, a little fresh basil. Now go see the movie!


Chris LaSonde said...

While a valid point, I could swear this (which I took to be bruschetta) was for supper (being inhaled by Hubby) BEFORE Julie started to cook Julia in the scene where the two were trying to decide what she should blog about.

jpsam said...

I'll just have to watch the movie again! I remember seeing Julie sauteing the bread in butter. Bruschetta is grilled bread, no?

Christine Thresh said...

I want to see the movie. Maybe I'll go very soon.