Monday, June 15, 2009

Planned Destruction

We share a long driveway with a neighbor. This is the view from our house looking down after we started the demolition in preparation for new paving.

Here's the pile of paving from the section from our house to the neighbor's house.

Troy gets to have all of the concrete in front of his garage.

And on his auxiliary parking pad. I hope the apple trees survive.

It was pretty noisey and exciting. We have our cars parked on the street as we will not be able to drive up or down for the duration.

It will take at least a week. Harrison is very excited (he's in grade 4). He was climbing all over the piles with his brother and his followers after the workers left.


Christine Thresh said...

I hope it does not rain for a week. That looks like adobe soil.

jpsam said...

It is adobe--typical Orinda adobe. With this weird weather, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Imagine those big trucks sliding down the hill! Thanks for stopping by...

Anonymous said...

His name isn't Troy...

VickINyc said...

Are there any new pics of the progress or completed work? :) Eager to see more!

Please let Andrew and Steven know they are missed over here in NYC!
Hope you're all having a great time!