Friday, October 03, 2008

12 x 12

I've been trying to finish some of the 12 x 12 pieces I've been working on. This is from March when the G4 was working on the vernal equinox theme. It is one of my trillium pieces. After showing it to the group, I decided that it needed more hand-stitching so it was never photographed until today. This whole-cloth piece was an acrylic plate monoprint, made before I discovered gelatin plate printing. I used Setacolor paints. Later, I went back in with some stamping, including string and rice stamps that I had made.


June said...

That's very subtle and lovely! Are those leaves French knots? I love the textures and muted shifts of color. June

jpsam said...

Hi June! Thanks for stopping by. Some of the leaves ARE French knots and some of the leaves are paint, stamped on with a stamp I made out of grains of rice. The surface looked too puffy so I added more "quilting" with French knots.

Christine Thresh said...

Nice, very nice.
How do you make a stamp from grains of rice?

jpsam said...

Hi, Christine!
It wasn't my most successful stamp. I used a piece of foam core, covered with double sided sticky tape, and "stuck" the rice onto the tape. I painted it with white acrylic paint and let it dry. I used this method because I was in a "hurry." I also considered using pasta, like orzo, and gluing, instead of tape.