Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gelatin Plate Printing

I can’t seem to make the time to get this sandwiched and quilted. This is my water piece for July for the G4: Not finished but better than nothing. The fabrics are all from my print sessions using a gelatin print plate I made from Rayna Gillman's new book, Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth.

I used her recipe but didn’t have a foil baking pan. Instead I used a plastic cover that I found in my supplies and lined it with foil. I used 4 packets of gelatin as that was all I had. This was not a case of good planning but the procedure is quite forgiving. My plate is about 8"x 12" and next time I will double the amount of gelatin and use a larger pan, perhaps a jelly roll pan lined with foil, to make a larger plate. The foil permitted easy lifting in and out of the container. With the larger pan, I thought I would use heavy duty foil as that is wider.

The plate is holding up nicely (and also breaking down nicely, gaining some character) in my refrig and I hope to do some additional printing this weekend.

I used a variety of fabric paints from ProChem (blue and golden yellow), and Jacquard (Olive, Sky Blue, Brown). I used what I had on my shelf.


Christine Thresh said...

The colors are so refreshing. I like it!
And the close up shows all those matchy-matchy seams. Good for you.

dee said...

wow, I really love your piece. It's like a long cool drink...but shorter.
I just made a bunch of minis out of Christmas fabric with those tiny squares. Yours look neater. Great work. The fabric is beautiful.

June said...

The colors and subtle image/textures are really beautiful in this! I really do not need another at thing to try, bur this is VERY tempting. June

Rayna said...

Hi Joan,
Just catching up on your blog and really like the colors and textures in this piece. Isn't it fun?