Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm In the Garden

It doesn’t seem possible but it is raining. We haven’t had rain for months. This has been the driest spring since forever. Our rainy season is just about over and we won’t get any real rain until next autumn. Our regional water people have declared that our reservoirs are low and we are officially in a drought situation. We will be penalized for not cutting back on our water consumption. Ratting on your neighbor is encouraged. I am savoring the moisture and I am enjoying spring while I can.


Del said...

Lovely rose. Is it one of David Austin's?
Perhaps Gertrude Jekyll? Just seeing the picture brings the fragrance back to my memory. No wonder you call your blog "Rose Garden Quilts"!

jpsam said...

Yes, this is an English rose from David Austin and may well be Gertrude Jekyll. It is a great rose that a friend was tossing out. It is in a “nursery” bed until I can find a place for it (you know your garden is out of control when you have a rose in a nursery bed and it’s been there for at least 5 years).