Saturday, November 03, 2007

2007 Journal Quilt: My story

This project had several requirements including a size of 17" x 22" in the vertical direction; and that the design incorporate at least three techniques from the Creative Quilting book. I had never done any beading so I tried that in the "bubbles" in the water and the pots on the deck. I love Pamela Allen's big stitch embroidery and I used that as well. I really love seeing hand work in fiber art. I am probably happiest with the quilting. I had so much fun with that. The quilting really tries to tell a story: this year I gave myself permission to call myself a swimmer.

We have been members of this pool for almost thirty years. Our two sons learned to swim here. I began quilting here with my dearest friends, The Poolside Quilters. We sat by the side of the pool and quilted while our kids swam back and forth during swim team workouts. Both boys retired at age 18 but I didn't really start swimming until three years ago. When I began, 25 yards left me breathless. It was not unusual to feel panicky half way across the pool. I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and I learned how to swim at the Y, but I never really swam for fitness. This year was my best "season" ever. By mid-July, I was swimming a mile (that's 1760 yards, 71 laps, 45 minutes) and I averaged 4 times a week. All of that information is quilted in the "water." But the pool was also a wonderful, magical place at 6:30 AM with the sun rising, only a handful of swimmers around, and the crows! The pool closed for the season on October 29, and will not re-open until the beginning of May. I am looking forward to getting back into the water.


Christine Thresh said...

Oh, I was a member of the Orinda Park pool for my entire childhood (1947 to 1959). What wonderful memories I have of that place.
I have a photo taken at the pool way back when. I think I'll post it on my blog next Friday for a "Friday Flashback."

Christine Thresh said...

I put a picture of the Park Pool on my blog today. Things have changed a lot since 1953, but your quilt evokes the same wonderful memories.

meggie said...

Hi Joan, I have come from Christine's blog, to view the pool quilt. It is wonderful, & I love the way you have quilted the water.

Christine Thresh said...

We just called it Park Pool (those of us in the know).
Years and years later when my husband and I were visiting my mother on La Bolsita, my little 3-year-old son wandered away following the dog, Foxie. We searched and called for him in vain. The sheriff's department finally located him, with the help of the fire department, next door to the Park Pool. The dog returned home without him. He was attracted by the activity at the pool and wanted to go swimming.
I don't have your e-mail addy so I can't reply that way.