Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not Finished But Getting Somewhere

Originally Polka Dot Jersey (now without the polka dots) 9" x 10"

Maillot Jaune.

Maillot Jaune is really the second in the Tour de France series. It is about 17" x 17"
The first, Polka Dot Jersey, I have taken apart and reworked. It just wasn’t working.
Originally, PDJ had less of the dark "border", then an inner border of the "yellow" stripes and a fat outer border of the polka dots. I loooove the polka dots. But I think it was just too, too. So I took it apart and added more dark (actually dark blue) around the piecing, and I'm trying to figure out the borders. I’m having fun here. Still not finished but more than before. I’m thinking about hand quilting... But probably I should just do some ditch stitching and be done. And I am going to go for three and try again for the original border set-up.


Sonji Hunt said...

Joan, the colors and the articulation of shape...zippy ya ya! I love it!

Frances said...

I love this work, polka dots and all,

tandygonzo0869 said...
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